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Melissa and Roger helped us find a house that was absolutely perfect for us. We felt like they showed us every house in Santa Fe that was in our price range. We were grateful that they did not waste out time and show us houses that cost more money than we were willing to spend. They were professional and on top of the market every minute. Additionally, after making an offer on a house that we liked, they strongly recommended that we withdraw the offer because of some serious defects uncovered during the house inspection: without their sage advice, we might have gone ahead with the purchase which likely would have resulted in very, very costly repairs. We both appreciated their honest appraisal of the house even thought they knew we would be disappointed. Melissa and Roger were not in it for the money: they honestly wanted us to find a house that we loved and was comfortably within our price range. We were never alone in the arduous and anxiety-producing process of house hunting. We were working with partners whom we trusted and knew would steer us down the right path. Ultimately, we found a house that we loved at a great price. We can not recommend Melissa and Roger often enough. Finding the right house is such a stressful endeavor, having Realtors whom you trust and like makes the process so much easier.                    -Clo Hampton and Alan Johnson


On January 3rd, 2017, my dear friend Gabriel called me from Santa Fe and told met hat he wants to sell his estate on 20 Tano Vida. I referred Melissa and Roger. Anytime I spoke with my friend, he assured me how he likes Melisa and Roger no only on a professional basis but also as considered, trustworthy, decent people. Many times, Gabriel has thanked me for referring them to him. Melissa and Roger went beyond their expected duties as Realtors by advising my friend on many details: about local handyman, contractor, etc. Their 3-D virtual tour, the video supported by perfectly styled musical choreography and photographic documentation were phenomenal!! Foremost, however, they correctly determined the asking price of my friends's estate as well as the correct time to put the property on the market. Hence, only after three days on the market, they were able to secure a potential buyer and apparently two back up buyers. Every time I talked to Gabriel, he always spoke very highly about Melissa & Roger. He was honestly and pleasantly surprised how fast the estate was sold. He told Me: "I can't believe this! I am not ready to move out yet!" But even this was handled very well by Melissa and Roger by writing the necessary addendum to the contract for a leaseback. It is my pleasure to recommend Melissa and Roger to you. Their professionalism, compassion, honor,and integrity call for this special recognition.                                                                                                                                                                  -Dr. Martin Sochor


Melissa and Roger were extraordinary throughout the selling of my 90-year old monther's Santa Fe home, making what could have been an arduous undertaking, as graceful as possible. Their professionalism, sensitivity, thoughtful advice, and energetic personal attention to every detail completely endeared them to us. On a day when the prospective-buyer's inspectors were scheduled, my mother was unable to leave the house, and I was unavailable, so Roger spent the afternoon having tea with her, to ensure that she wouldn't be disturbed. Melissa was always on-call to give advice, assist with our responsibilities, provide encouragement, and streamline the process. When the house sold more quickly (and for a higher price) than we'd expected, the Carsons made excellent recommendations for local resources and assistance with the moving. We know we weren't their only clients during this process, but it certainly felt as though we were. We recommend Carson & Carson highly, without reservations.     - James Wright & Denise Hammer